Inexpensive (but extremely adorable) Last Minute Gifts

Ok kids we are in the final countdown until the jolly guy slides down the chimney bearing gifts (or coal). For some of us this might mean sipping hot cocoa while admiring your perfectly wrapped gifts that are sitting under your perfectly decorated tree. For others this might be realizing that there are still people… Continue reading Inexpensive (but extremely adorable) Last Minute Gifts


Target’s “12 Days of Beauty” Advent Calendar Review!

Yay it is finally Christmas season! (Even though I may or may not have been listening to Christmas music since the day after halloween). But now that Thanksgiving has passed we can officially begin talking about the jolly holiday. In recent years Advent Calendars have become super popular and trendy. Not too long ago the only… Continue reading Target’s “12 Days of Beauty” Advent Calendar Review!

Thankful (and Adorable)

Ah Thanksgiving. The fun November holiday nestled between Halloween and Christmas that sometimes seems all but forgotten about. But it is a truly wonderful holiday where we can take the day to spend time with loved ones and reflect on what we are thankful for, and then stuff ourselves full of delicious food! For some,… Continue reading Thankful (and Adorable)

From Fashionista to Maxxinista

TJ Maxx. We have all seen the commercials. The ones adverting "The brands you love at the prices that work for you!" But if you don't know how to shop TJ Maxx then it can be a little overwhelming. Most stores get in shipments around 4-5 times a week (every single day during the holidays) so… Continue reading From Fashionista to Maxxinista

Not in Kansas Anymore

Welcome back friends! Im excited to continue the travel diary of my road trip! The second destination was in Kansas City (which apparently is not in Kansas- seriously didn't realize that until planning this trip..hmm maybe I shouldn't admit that?) We were lucky enough to enjoy this fabulous city for two nights on the way… Continue reading Not in Kansas Anymore

A Little About Moi!

The purpose of "dressedandimpressed" is inspiring other young adults how to "dress" exactly how they want and be "impressed" with the prices they can snag great clothing items at! Other topics that I will be focusing my blog around include: being crafty and DIYs, college life (from the commuter perspective), and other life hacks and tips on how to be a young girl trying to 'adult'.