Getting a Little Serious


I had a different post all lined up and ready to go today, but in light of recent events I felt  like there were more important things to be said. Then I thought that maybe I shouldn’t post anything today, because this is a fashion blog and has nothing to do with the tragedies happening around us. But, then I thought this is my blog and I can kinda write about whatever I want. Whether my words that I am about to write actually help someone relate to and/or understand there own feelings connected to what is happening to our world or if this is just a way for me relieve a little of my own emotions, either way here are my thoughts about the current state of our world.

When I was a little girl I had no idea that the world could be a dangerous place. I knew that when I rounded the curve of the street too quickly on my bike that I got a bruise and that sometimes kids could be mean, but that was the extent of evil that I knew as a five year old. I knew accidents could happen and some people were bad and sometimes bad things happen to people. But… my parents never had to explain to me what a gun firing sounds like. They never had to tell me if I heard that sound to run for my life or to hide until help comes. My parents never had to warn me that malls and concerts could be life threatening or even school could hold potential danger.

But today five year olds are being taught about terrorism.

Today all parents are holding their children closer realizing that there are no safe places.

Today thousands are mourning the loss of beloved family and friends that were merely trying to listen to music.

We, as a society, will all agree that  something needs to change.

The problem? You reading this more than likely has an opinion about gun control and the second amendment and so on, but so does the person next to you. And the person next to you opinion is the opposite of yours. And then the person across from the both of you has yet a different opinion. And so on. There will be hundreds of people yelling hundreds of opinions and everyone will to busy insisting that they are in the right that an agreement will never be made.

And while we are too busy arguing it will happen again.

And it will continue to happen again and again and again.

Right now it is not a matter of if it is a matter of when. 

But all that being said it wouldn’t be fair of me to just post this as it is. Because me complaining about people arguing is just as productive as the arguing itself.

Here I have one of my favorite quotes ever and what I have to think about to help get through these incredibly sad events.

Did Mr. Rogers Say
My first thought, though, is I am a college student that lives across the country from where this horrible event took place. How can I help? How can I be a helper?
 My answer to my own question? Look for and spread all the positivity that you can. I truly believe that doing a simple random good deed can help make the world just that much better of a place. Taking some inspiration from another post that I saw online, but do something good. It can be big. It can be small. As long as it is spreading positive vibes into the atmosphere and by your act of kindness someone is benefiting in some way, I truly think that it helps and that it matters.
Be the change that you want to see in the world. If everyone did one positive selfless an act a day, somehow, just maybe, we, as a society, could spread enough love and positivity that stops another tragic event from occurring.
I am going to end by reminding everyone ( I needed this reminder too) that for every heart wrenching thing that happens there are a hundred amazing and inspiring events happening. And for every horrible and twisted person there are thousands of amazing and kind hearted people.
Spread some positivity.
‘Till next time.



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