Target’s “12 Days of Beauty” Advent Calendar Review!

Yay it is finally Christmas season! (Even though I may or may not have been listening to Christmas music since the day after halloween). But now that Thanksgiving has passed we can officially begin talking about the jolly holiday.

In recent years Advent Calendars have become super popular and trendy. Not too long ago the only advent calendars were the ones that you bought at grocery stores that only contained poor quality pieces of chocolate. Now there are advent calendars for everything from expensive makeup, high-end chocolates, nail polishes, children’s toys, and even socks!

I purchased the beauty advent calendar from target and broke the rules and opened it all at once! I know, I know Santa’s watching, but I did it for good reason! Now I can you if its worth it or overrated?

Let’s start with the price. It was only $15 (US) which honestly isn’t bad considering you get 12 products. The majority of the items are sample size but you did get a set of Eyelure lashes and a Real Techniques makeup sponge (the best beauty blender dupe). Both of those items retail for about $5 each so those two almost make the box worth it by themselves.

The products seem of relatively nice quality. They aren’t just target brand stuff that you aren’t ever gonna use. There are products by: Pixie, Eyelure, Vichy, Maybelline, Pacifica, Real Techniques,Nexxus, Honest Beauty, Acure, NYX, Elf, and Hask.

I already use the Maybelline Great Lash mascara which is great! And like I mentioned I love the Real Techniques beauty sponge. I quickly swiped on the NYX highlight and I LOVE it- it is so simple and flawless (and it’s a full size!) I also quickly popped on the Elf lip exfoliator and although I haven’t used it enough to see a difference yet, I do like the way it feels on my lips.

The downside? The packaging is pretty cute. I enjoy the modern black, white and gold theme and the doors are adorable. But the doors, although perforated, do not open easily at all. I ripped almost of them all causing the box to look pretty ugly really quick. By the time I had opened all the doors it looked like a wild animal opened it. Even though this is not a huge deal breaker- it definitely is a bummer, especially if you are giving it as a gift.

advent 1

Okay so considering the price, the products, and the packaging I would give this a…..


It’s definitely worth $15 for the amount of (and the quality of) products you receive. It is one of  (if not the) most inexpensive beauty advent calendars I have seen this season and I was pleasantly surprised by the product variety. Honestly there might be one or two sample size products that I might toss into my makeup vanity and never get around to using, but there are way more that I will start using immediately. I also took off a point for the poor packing quality. It would be all that much more enjoyable if you could have it on display as you counted down the days without it looking like you opened it with a sledgehammer. But, overall I give it a thumbs up!

Here is the link if ya wanna buy:

‘Till next time




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