From Fashionista to Maxxinista

TJ Maxx. We have all seen the commercials. The ones adverting “The brands you love at the prices that work for you!” But if you don’t know how to shop TJ Maxx then it can be a little overwhelming. Most stores get in shipments around 4-5 times a week (every single day during the holidays) so the floor plan is constantly changing. And sometimes the best finds are hidden jewels that require patience in order to be found.

I have worked at TJ Maxx for 3 and half years and I truly love the company. I love what they stand for. I love the environment. I love working there. And, of course, I love the prices. So I’m gonna let ya in on some tips and knowledge on how to shop TJ Maxx. Im going to shine some light on how you are going to save so much money this holiday season by shopping at the Maxx.

So, without further ado, here is my complete step-by step guide on “How to Shop TJ Maxx”

1.)  Grab a cart (You’re gonna want one 😉 )

2.) Look at the 4-way racks in each department. These racks hold new styles that just arrived. So if you are looking for some new seasonal clothing these are the racks for you!

3.) Don’t forget to check the long racks that are divided by size in each department. There are certain brands that cannot be put on the main featured racks.

4.) Tip: Each item has a tag/barcode that shows the price. That is the price the item will ring up as. If the item is on clearance the barcode will be red and the ticket displays the clearance price. Since TJ Maxx is already discounted off of retail price they do not do sales per say, so that is the price.

5.) Now its time to head to the clearance section (the best section). This is where things can get tricky, but stick with me. Most TJ Maxx’s combine both junior clothes and women clothes into one main clearance section. I know what you are thinking, “How will I know if this is a juniors large or a women’s large”. Well never fear I have an insider trick to share with you!

Take a look at this clearance tag! See the first two numbers? If the number is “15” then it is a juniors item. If it is anything else such as “01” “04” “05” etc etc then it is a women’s item.



Since each TJ Maxx is laid out different and has different products I recently went in to a different TJ Maxx (not the one I work at) so I could a fresh/outsider perspective to see what kind of crazy bargains I could find!

FUN FACT: Each TJ Maxx’s inventory is based on the area. So an inner city store is more likely to have more business clothes and higher end brands while a suburban store is more likely to have a larger juniors and kids department.

Before I could even start browsing the clothing the gift tables grabbed my eye. The first table I stopped as was full of makeup goodies. The first item I can across was this Kat Von D contour palate for only $24.99 which is half the price that Sephora is currently selling the same exact product for. Also on the table was this adorable gift set from Bare minerals that is selling on Amazon for $30.00 can be yours for at TJ Maxx for only 7.99 (This would be a great stocking stuffer!).



Another thing I love buying at TJ Maxx are the hot trend pieces. Ya know the items that are super funky and totally out of your comfort zone and after the trend passes you are never going to where? Yeah we all have those items, but why spend big bucks for them when you can grab them at TJ’s? I found this super funky and cute split band tee  in the juniors section for less than $10.


I then headed for the clearance section (aka the best section). I found a lot of good deals, but the best find of the day was this Vineyard Vines sweater (that looks super Christmass-y so perfect for the coming months). The same sweater is on sale on Vineyard Vines website for $139.99 (originally $188). This sweater at TJ Maxx was originally only $80.00 and was on clearance for $64.00.


So many great deals, so little time! I wish I could highlight all the great goodies I found, but I won’t spoil all the fun! Every TJ Maxx is different so have fun discovering some great deals! Happy Hunting!

‘Till next time!



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