Events are fun! Free events? Even Better!

We all love to get out and explore the wonderful entertainment and events that our city’s had in store for us. But by the time you buy entrance fees, parking, snacks, etc, etc you have already broken the bank to the point that it is becoming impossible for you to enjoy this experience.  What if I told you there are ways to experience good ole’ summer fun for practically free? I wouldn’t lie to you, but in case you are skeptical I have pictures to prove it! Of course my examples are semi-local to me (within an hour drive), but my experiences are just for inspiration for you to find fun and affordable events near you!


Avalon ( a live, work, play shopping area) located in Alpharetta, GA throws occasional “Ladies Night Out” evenings where you can have a lot of fun for (basically) free! During this particular event they had a few booths from different bakeries giving out free deserts. The high end shops (such a made well and Urban Outfitters) had sales going on during the Ladies Night Out Event as well as many of the stores provided little munchies and sips while you strolled though their store. Some of the restaurants even offered special menu’s during the event.



We got to sample mini bundt cakes form an adorable cake shop called “Nothing Bundt Cakes”. Not only are they adorable, but they were super tasty too!


My favorite part of the event and best freebie of the night  was that Dry Bar was offering completely free dry styling! Even though they were not charging for the styling you still received the whole luxurious Dry Bar experience. Upon walking through the door they offer you a beverage (anything from water to coffee to champagne). They were extremely friendly. I told them to do surprise me with any style! She gave me a middle part (which was new for me) and braided my hair back on either side and then curled the rest!


Ok so silly me is blocking most of my hair, but look how darling the sitting/waiting area is! I absolutely love the bright yellow accents!

Shirt: Madewell $12 ( Don’t forget to use your student ID to get an additional 15% off!)

Skirt: Forever 21: $12.99

If you live anywhere in the GA area you know that  Atlanta is becoming the new ‘it’ place for movies and television shows! From action movies to Netflix original shows to reality TV everything is being filmed in Georgia! One of the most recently aired ATL based show is the HGTV show called “Flip or Flop”. I recently had the opportunity to attend a Premiere Party to celebrate the launching of this fun home remodel show! An adorable theatre in a suburb off of Atlanta hosted a block party and streaming of the premiere show! The block party and the outdoor streaming was absolutely free! I personally opted for the VIP tickets (that were only $10!) that allowed me to watch the program inside the theatre(with air conditioning) with the stars of the show!


Lace Jersey Shirt: TJ Maxx $12.99

Overall Dress: Macys (American Rag) $9.99

Pink Hightop Converse (shown in cover picture): Converse outlet $15.00

Miscellaneous pins and patches: Target $1-$3 each

Sunglasses: Charlotte Rouse $6


The block Party was so cute and fun! They had everything from live music, games, food trucks, photo ops all in the walking distance of an equally cute downtown area.


As our sweet summer slowly melts into fall we are about to turn the corner into Fall Festival seasons (one of the best seasons in my humble opinion) where free or nearly free events will be available in many locations across the country. I encourage you to get out and about within your community and embrace yourself in exploring all of the wonderfully adorable events near you!

‘Till next time






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