Road Trippin’

Last summer I had the opportunity to go on a cross country road trip with my mom after graduation! Usually when I tell people that we drove from Atlanta, GA to Boulder, CO they look at me like I am insane, but let me tell ya… It was incredible! A year later I still can not believe how amazing that trip was. So maybe this is my nostalgia talking, but nonetheless I here present my first ever travel diary that includes what we did, what I wore, and (the my favorite part) what we ate!

Because of the abundance of pictures and details that I want to include I am going to divide this trip into three separate travel posts (one for each major city we explored)!

The first destination on our trip was in the country music capital of the world… Nashville! We arrived there late afternoon and after checking into our hotel we immediately went to check out Gaylord Opryland Hotel! Although we weren’t able to do the boat tours the hotel was absolutely stunning! Definitely a must!


Outfit details:

Romper: Spirited (a boutique in Alpharetta, GA approx $15)

Sandels: Kohls (approx. $15)


Our second day in Nashville was filled with classic country music, Nashville history, and yummy milkshakes. The Country Music Hall of Fame is my number one recommendation  of what to do in Nashville! When we first arrived there we were told about a “puppet show” and as we began to decline they said we could watch a little bit and then leave if we didn’t want to stay for the whole thing. We decided to pop in and ended up watching the whole thing! It was so adorable and the puppets were absolutely beautiful! All the puppets were based off of famous country singers. The museum itself was packed full of amazing artifacts, exhibits, and information about every country music legend you can think off. Some of my personal favorites include: the wall of records, the Taylor Swift exhibit, and the Blake Shelton sections.



Outfit Details:

Romper: TJ Maxx ($12.99)

Hat: Betsey Johnson at TJ Maxx (9.99)

Shoes: Born at TJ Maxx (59.99) (they were a gift/splurge item 🙂 )

Also located inside at the museum is a business called Hatch Show Print. It is the number one printing press in the world. The majority of custom posters are made here. We took a a tour and was given a lesson on the history of the company. Then we able to create our very own print to take home!


All of these prints are made by hand!


We ended our evening by exploring downtown Nashville and seeing landmarks such as the batman building and strolled down Broadway to listen to all the talented aspiring musicians! We finished up the nigth with delicious food (and milkshakes) at the Hard Rock Cafe!







That concludes part one of this trip of a lifetime! I had the least amount of food/outfit pictures from Nashville (hey, I didn’t know I was gonna be a blogger then 😛 ). More to come.

Till’ next time!






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