My Jewelry Must Haves

I’m pretty sure I have been accessorizing since I was old enough to toddle. I am a firm believer that jewelry can truly make the outfit. I am definitely more likely to splurge on a nice jewelry piece than on a pricy top.

Of course I own some more trendy jewelry pieces that will probably slip out of my rotation as the trend fades (chokers I’m looking at you), but I like to pick out and invest in more timeless pieces. That being said you do not need to spend $50+ on every piece of jewelry that you purchase. I have been know to wear a $60 necklace layered with a necklace that I literally bought on clearance for 50 cents!

It’s all about knowing how to style jewelry and how to mix and match the pricier with the cheaper pieces! Although I can’t speak for all jewelry lovers everywhere- here are my Jewelry Must Haves!

The Giving Key

I wear this necklace almost every. single. day. It just goes with so much! Although you may slightly look like you are getting your fashion inspiration from “Zoey 101”, these keys are such fun, yet simplistic ways to complete an outfit! Mine says “Inspire”, but they come in a variety of words, shapes, and styles. My favorite part? Part of the proceeds go to help people transitioning from homelessness. #notsponsored I just really love this company and my necklace! This is the one ‘higher-end’ and more expensive piece of jewelry, but I really think it is worth the money.



Okay I know I basically just said that chokers will probably go out of style in the seasons to come, but right now these bad boys are still adorable and definitely in style! Chokers are so fun and can really “edge” up a predominately girly outfit! They are also SO inexpensive and add an adorable touch to any outfit.


I’ll link some cute ones here:

Shoulda put a ring on it

(Is is really a welldressedandimpressed blog post if there isn’t a pun involved? hint: the answer is no)

I use to not be a huge fan of rings, but recently I have been OBSESSED with mixing and matching dainty little rings. They add such a fun touch to an outfit. I honestly think adding a ring or two can make ya look 10x more put together even if in reality you threw your outfit on as you ran out the door.


I’ll link some cute ones here:


Have fun accessorizing fashion babes!

‘Till next time





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