The Invite that Is Anything but Basic

Hey fashion babes!

Anyone that knows me will tell ya in a heartbeat that I may have a small, little, teeny- tiny,  obsession with all things stationary. Ok..Ok I’m 100% addicted. Office supply stores are my one true weakness. And although I do love strolling down the stationary aisle sometimes I feel like all the options are so unoriginal and do not allow me to express my creativity enough.

But never fear style lovers- today I have partnered with to share with you guys the cutest and simplest custom invite service that I have ever used.

BasicInvite is an online custom invite  (and stationary ) service that allows you to create your own original invitations, thank-you cards, announcements, stationary, business cards, etc, etc.

Photo Nov 17, 4 06 50 PM.jpg

Obviously I wouldn’t tell you guys about any product or service that I didn’t truly love! I went through the whole online ordering process and lemme tell ya- it’s super simple. I ordered samples of a variety of products. I made a custom photo card using one of their templates and and added my own text! I really like how they allow you to change or edit anything to really make it your own. I also made my own business cards and let me tell ya- I’m going to be ordering more of those bad boys, because they are so adorable!  Out of the 6 samples I ordered I am absolutely obsessed with every single thing!

DISCLAIMER: using this service may increase your likelihood of wanting to order everything they sell!!

They have invite templates for any event or celebration that you party animals would ever have a need for.  For my younger readers if you are planning your sweet 16 they have the cutest sweet 16 invitations or if you’re not turning 16, never fear they have birthday invites for birthday boys and girls of any age.

Photo Nov 17, 4 14 51 PM

Y’all know my favorite thing ever is color. BasicInvite has over 180 colors that you can then customize giving you almost an unlimited color selection! And then you even have the option of foil (who doesn’t like to shimmer, am I right?)

I feel like everyone would agree that the worst part about organizing party invites is gathering everyones addresses. BasicInvite has a really cool “address capturing service” where you can share a link via social media asking your friends and family to enter their address. For no extra charge BasicInvite will print recipient addressess.

Birthday 2 41 58 PM

You guys already know I’m all about saving money so I have a coupon code for ya!

Use code: 15FF51 to receive 15% off!

Have fun customizing fashion babes!

‘Till next time






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