The Importance of Friendship

Hey fashion babes!

Today I want to talk about something that is incredibly important, but yet we often under-estimate how great and crucial it it. That thing is friendship! Although all types of friendships and relationships are beautiful and special, today I’m going to focus on how important it is as a college-aged female to have ‘gal-pals’ that you can always depend on.

In the past few months (or honestly throughout college) I have gone through my fair share of *eye-roll* boy drama and without rehashing all the gory details I honestly do not know what I would have done with my friends.

Although I have had friends and “besties” here and there throughout my elementary, middle, and high school days, it wasn’t until college that I really found and understood who my true friends are.

Im talking about the ones that will talk sense into you even when you do not want to hear it. The ones that will stay up with all night and just let you cry and vent. The ones that make you laugh so hard until your side splits and your mascara is running. The ones that instantly hate whoever you hate. Ones who you send you “ugly snapchats”(true friendship right there šŸ˜‰ ). The ones who you can chat with for hours with and never run out of stuff to talk about. Ones who surprise you with pick-me-ups when life gets hard. The ones that remind you that distance doesn’t mean anything.

As friends came and went as they do through the drama-filled middle and high school years I always thought I was justĀ badĀ at making friends. There is this weird stigma in high school that you are suppose to meet everyone. From your soul mate to all your best friends for life- there is an odd expectation that you needĀ to meet everyone before you leave high school.

And if you do that is fine, but if you don’t that is also fine!

There is no particular timeline of when you areĀ supposeĀ to or will meet these types of friends!

I currently have two very close friends that I have been friends with since the sixth grade. One best friends whom I knew in high school, but we got close after we both graduated, and my other two besties I met in college.

And the funny thing is that they all aren’t friends with each other. Not that they don’t or wouldn’t like each other, I just know them from different areas of my life. In high school I was thought it was weird or lame to not have a “friend group”, but it is really nice having these 5 wonderful people who all know me in different ways.

Okay- this is kinda turning into a long-winded rant, but my main point is that you should never ever (ever) take your friendships for granted.

G, R, O, L, J

Those are the initials of the girlies that I truly do not know how I would function without them.

You know who you are. Love you lots!

Forward this post to your best gal pals to let them know how much you appreciate them!

‘Till next time



*DISCLAIMER*: In no way would I ever try to discredit someone that I use to be best friends with and for some reason or another we are no longer close. You impacted who I am today and for that I will always appreciate you.



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