2019 Attitude

Hey boss babes,

Maybe it’s just me, but I am a complete sucker for inspirational quotes and messages.

For that reason I gathered the top 5 mantras that I am living by this year.


To make it quick, 2018 was Hell and I’m still processing and recovering. Is it hard? definitely.  Is the biggest victory sometimes just making it through the day while faking a smile? You bet.  Will I stop going? Absolutely not.


Keep reaching towards that sun. If nothing else, it’ll keep your chin up.


Just. Keep. Moving.


If someone says you can’t it means they know you can and are afraid of your talents and power. So go for it. And do it with pride. Confidence is a radiant and powerful tool.


This mantra is what keeps me blogging. When my thoughts tell me that my words are unimportant, but my heart and soul keeps begging for a “sighn” for me to make just one more post. That passion is a sign. Listen to your hearts boss babes. As tricky as they can be sometimes they know a thing or two.

Follow where your soul takes you fashion babes!

Till Next Time




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