A day spent in Atlanta’s not-so-secret garden: Honest review on Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Hey fashion babes!

I have lived about an hour from Atlanta my whole life so I have visited most of the tourist attractions more than once, however I recently realized that there was one that had somehow fallen through the cracks and I had never experienced.

After grabbing brunch one Sunday a friend and I wanted to do something more fun and spontaneous than just going back home or shopping. She also has grown up in GA and had never visited this tourist attraction ethier. So we decided spur of the moment to head towards A-town and check out Atlanta Botanical Gardens!

Admission to the Gardens is about $22 for adults which I think is a relatively fair price to pay for a tourist attraction in Atlanta, especially because there is not a time limit on how long you are allowed to roam around the Gardens. We ended up spending a solid two hours, but if you decided to eat in the Gardens or sit in the green space for a while you could definitely spend even longer!

The topiaries were nothing short of amazing and beautiful! I also loved the conservatory, because it felt as though I had just walked into a jungle!

Not to mention there were opportunities for some great photo ops 😉








Outfit Details:

Shirt- TJ Maxx

Skirt- Forever 21

Necklace- The Giving Key

The only unimpressive side of the park was the gift shop. Usually I am a sucker for wanting to buy every souvenir in these shops, but this was very disappointed in their selection. My friend and I were hoping they actually sold flowers or succulents or something of that nature (pun intended).

It being Atlanta of course you had to pay for parking, but surprisingly it was only $5 for over two hours.

Overall I really enjoyed walking through the Gardens (although come prepared because it is a lot of walking!) I would definitely  recommend visiting Atlanta Botanical if you want a little nature solace from the hectic city life for a few hours!

‘Till Next Time




*Update: Since I originally wrote this post (and somehow it was never published) I have visited ABG two more times (once during the normal season and once for their Christmas lights) and had an equally good experience each time. Would still highly recommend visiting when in Atlanta!*


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