A Girls-Night In {Summer Edition}

Happy Spring Fashion babes!

This spring/ summer season I am making a special effort to be extra particular on how I spend my money. I want to make an extra effort in building up my savings. But this doesn’t mean that I can’t have a great night with my friends! However there are much more wallet-friendly activities out there than going out to a sit-down dinner and then shopping or seeing a movie at the theatre.

Recently one of my close friends and I decided to have a good ole fashion girls night! Instead of over-paying for mediocre food at a local restaurant, we instead decided to run by the local grocery store and pick up some yummy foods to eat at home. Even with making a quick Dunkin Donuts pit stop we both only spent $10!

We then returned to her house to pop our pizza in the oven and to set up the cutest little picnic on her deck! It is super easy to throw together a Pinterest worthy picnic in a matter of minutes. We laid out a colorful quilt and then popped our refreshments into cute containers. Our girls night “cheat night” pig out meal included: margarita pizza, fries, donuts, and sparkling Izzie drinks!


We then retreated inside to have a girls night full of face masks, movies, netflix, and snacking!

It was a truly fun night and a great reminder how relaxing chatting with a good friend can be. It was also a reminder how much fun can be had without sacrificing the wallet.

Here is a list of my necessities for a great GNI!


Healthy or junk food- your choice 😉 . For unhealthy my go to would be donuts and if you’re looking for something on the healthier side I am a huge fan of Boom Chicka Pop (it’s a healthier alternative to popcorn and it is amazing).

2.) MOVIE(S)

What is a classic gals night without popping in a flick. My top three favorite movies are: The Greatest Showman, Safe Haven, and Saving Mr. Banks!


I mean you just can’t have a proper sleepover without some pampering, right?


After the movie credits are rolling there is nothing better than slipping into your pjs and binging some Netflix together. My Netflix show of choice? Friends!


So this one doesn’t have to be done every sleepover (especially if you are trying to save money), but sometimes it is so fun to wake the next morning with your bestie and head to a trendy brunch spot.


Have fun throwing the perfect girls night it fashion babes!

‘Till next time





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