Unconfidently Confident

Hey fashion babes!

Today I wanted to talk about something that I definitely not an expert on, but wanted to share my thoughts on it anyways.

That subject is confidence. I feel like that everybody has dealt with confidence issues at some point in their life (body confidence, academic confidence, confidence in succeeding in a certain sport or activity, etc). Yes, I know that’s a generalization and there are probably some people out there who could prove me wrong,  but I’ll take that chance.

The other day I posted this picture on my Instagram (also you should go follow me 😉 )


This was the first time that I had ever  1.) wore a crop top out in public and 2.) posted a picture of me wearing a crop top. So naturally I felt a little exposed, but comfortable all at the same time. Someone complimented the picture saying that “my confidence was everything!”.

That sweet comment made me wonder… “Am I really confident?” “Do others usually perceive me this way?” I have never labeled myself as such. I mean I chose to wear the shirt that showed my mid-drift and I almost always wear bikini style swimwear in the summer… so I guess that means I’m not totally unconfident… right? But I also am guilty of comparing myself and nit-picking every little thing about myself and my body (esp. in pictures).

All this led to a conversation with one of my friends and I said that I guess I consider myself both confident and unconfident at the same time. He responded by saying that you can’t be both- it is one or the other.

But I disagree.

I think you can be unconfidently confident. And I’m even going to argue that falling into this category could be a good thing. I have fully accepted who I am and am learning how to love my body. But that doesn’t mean I have to be okay with and confident about every thing that makes up who I am. Of course, there are always some things both inside and out that I will want to change. I am fully aware of my flaws. But there is a difference between hating yourself for having those flaws and striving to change what you don’t love about yourself.

It’s all about accepting that you are imperfectly perfect. And instead of putting yourself down, make a plan of how to better yourself and how to fix your flaws. Be proud of the imperfections while shining in what you are confident about.

It is okay to be unconfidently confident.

Yes I want to be healthier and no I don’t love my abs (or the lack thereof) and when I see others who have what I don’t, it can make me feel self-conscious, but I can still feel confident enough to rock that tube top.

This may or may not have turned into a long winded rant, but I hope that maybe some of you can related to this!

‘Till next time




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