DIY-or-Bust: Makeup Bag

Hey fashion babes!

This is the first post in a new series on this site called “DIY-or-Bust” where I take inspiration from Pinterest and from over-priced things I find in stores and re-create it for $20 or less.

That’s right the limit is $20.00 (plus tax).

The first item I’m gonna task myself with is a diy ma

keup pouch. I always see a bunch on cute ones in store that are also so pricy. And I mean they’re cute…but $35+ for an empty pouch? No thanks.




This is a super simple DIY.

The first thing you need to do is decide     what you want your makeup bag to say. I chose “Bag of tricks”, but the options are endless. For each letter I taped down the stencil (or you could just hold it) and then with a sponge brush I dabbed the paint on. Of course when you use stencils some letters are going to come out better than others, but it all kinda gives that ‘shabby-chic’ vibe to it. vsco-photo-2

After you finish spelling out your desired phase just let it dry and then voila you have a super cute makeup bag that only set you back (drum roll please)


Not only is that cheaper than a lot of similar ones you see in stores- its one of a kind

This was definitely a fun DIY that I would recommend!

Have fun crafting DIY babes!

‘Till next time





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