My Face Mask Faves

Being a 19-year old college student who loves candy a little too much isn’t always the best combo for one’s skin.

Face Masks are a great way to detox the skin and to relax after a stressful week! Here are some of my favorites!

 “Que Bella”

This is a fantastic brand especially if you are new to the realm of face masks! They are one of the most affordable (but effective) masks on the market. You can buy  individual masks for $2.50. But, you get a little more bang for your buck if you swing for the  multi-pack -you get 6 masks for only $10

“Say Yes To _______”

All of the “Say Yes To” brand masks are incredible! These are in the same price range as Que Bella, but are a little stronger. If you have more intense skin needs then this might be the better choice for you. They have all different ones for all different skin types and needs.

Here is the link for the yes to tomatoes mud mask. The individual masks will only set you back about $3!

” Formula 10.0.6″

If you’re wanting to buy a more than one use product than this may be the brand for you. It ranges from $3-$6 depending on the size of the bottle. I personally only buy the small (1 oz) bottle and I still get 3-5 uses out of it. Purchase here


I wanted to include one “name brand” mask on this list. It is definitely a little more on the pricy side, but is a really nice luxury mask. It is a great option if you are looking to treat your skin.

My Favorite Tools

Ok I was skeptical of these Ulta  “Mask Removing Cloths”at first, but I was majorly impressed. You get 10 disposable cloths for only $4 and they work really well! You just take one of the compressed tablets and run it under warm water and it expands into a moist towelette.

And lastly I honestly don’t know how I ever applied masks before having one of these handy little mask applicators. These are total game changers. The one I use is from this spa kit by “The Bathery”. It’s a good price for all that it includes. But if you just want to purchase the applicator by itself here is one from Elf!

Have fun masking beauty babes!

‘Till next time




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